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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Our Commitment

At Aura Minerals, corporate responsibility is central to our organization. It guides us in our everyday activities and plays an important role in ensuring the integrity of our actions. Aura Minerals is committed to sustainable development, the protection of human life, environmental preservation and the improvement of our host communities where we operate. This commitment is demonstrated by the Company’s corporate strategy of responsible and sustainable growth, which is aligned with all corporate responsibility practices.

Aura Minerals’ corporate responsibility framework includes four core principles that are discussed below. These principles provide the foundation for current and future corporate responsibility activities and explain what corporate responsibility means to Aura Minerals and its employees.

Corporate Responsibility Principles

Protect the environment and the health and safety of people
Aura Minerals recognizes that mining is a unique business, in that the activities of the Company directly impact the environment and community. The Company commits to learning how these activities impact the environment and community, and will seek to minimize risks. Aura Minerals is also committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for employees by developing and maintaining safe and productive work practices and by complying with all applicable occupational health and safety laws and regulations.

Value honesty and integrity
Compliance with Aura Minerals’ code of business conduct and ethics ensures that employees, officers and directors conduct business in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and with high ethical and moral standards. This code, along with other corporate responsibility policies and charters, reinforces the Company’s commitment to its employees, host communities and local authorities, partners and shareholders.

Promote open communication and transparency
Successful corporate responsibility initiatives depend on open communication between Aura Minerals and its stakeholders. Stakeholders and the Company engage in active communication on a regular basis; this provides various groups (e.g. employees, host communities, local governments, investors, etc.), the opportunity to voice concerns as they may arise. Aura Minerals understands that in the course of business, both positive and negative events transpire; Aura Minerals commits to communicating these events to its stakeholders in a transparent manner and in accordance with the Company’s disclosure policy.

Strive to continuously improve corporate responsibility practices
Aura Minerals recognizes that over time, changes to the corporate responsibility framework may be needed to improve environmental and safety practices, which have a direct impact on host communities, employees and the organization as a whole. Monitoring, reviewing and implementing corporate responsibility best practices will be regularly conducted to ensure new essential practices are adopted.

Our commitment to operate in a responsible and transparent manner is supported by an integrated management system, which is comprised of the following ten standards employed across our operating units:

1.     incident investigation and reporting;

2.     management of hazardous substances;

3.     community development and engagement;

4.     corporate and internal audit;

5.     reservoir management (dams and ponds);

6.     acid rock drainage;

7.     closure and reclamation;

8.     legal requirements and other norms; 

9.     lock out procedures; and

10.   database management and handling

The above standards are guided by internationally recognized standards including the International Cyanide Management Code, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems 18000 series and the International Organization for Standardization Environmental ISO 14000 series.

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