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Corporate Governance

Aura Minerals is committed to good corporate governance. This involves implementing a system that ensures the needs of the Company and its stakeholders are properly aligned. Aura Minerals’ corporate governance framework clearly outlines the responsibility of the Board and Board committees and is reviewed on a continuing basis to ensure compliance with best practices.

The Company's business and operating practices are stated in the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which is applicable to all directors, officers and employees. The Code establishes a set of expectations and standards for the Company and its employees with respect to ethical business practices, personal conduct, environmental and social responsibility, safety and occupational health practices, competition and fair dealings, and disclosure of information.

To assist the Board in its overall responsibility, the Company has established the following committees:

  • The Audit Committee
  • Corporate Governance, Compensation and Nominating Committee

The former Compensation Committee and Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee have been combined and the Technical and Development Committee and the Corporate Sustainability Committee have become functions of the Board.

The mandate of each committee is outlined in its committee charter and is consistent with best practices. Each committee charter is reviewed by the Board on a continuing basis.

The Company has also enacted several policies to inform and protect employees in the event they have questions regarding violations of law, regulations or corporate policy. These policies, which include the Code, the Whistle Blower Policy, the Disclosure Policy and the Corporate Governance Policy, ensure that any concerns that may arise are acted upon appropriately and in a timely manner.

Links to the polices, mandates, charters and codes are set out in this Corporate Governance section.